Thoughts on Shadow Work

Not to be thought of as working with dark, evil creatures or demons… rather, with your shadow. Removing the blockage, the wall, that is creating the shadow.

Accept and embrace those spaces, for that is how you kept yourself safe all these years.
It’s time.
Move on from surviving.
Walk into your shadows.
Place your palms on these walls, one by one. Place all your love, forgiveness, and gratitude there on each one, and whisper “thank you.” Thank you for protecting me in my time of need. Thank you for teaching me what I needed to know, as hard as it was. It is time to dissolve this wall now, and I am willing to see through to what caused this pain, as I am stronger and know the source of my strength is in the Light that is hidden behind these walls.
Thank you, and goodbye.
Let the shadows be gone, and let yourself Move into the light to breathe freely.


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