Heal Our Connection

Blueberry picking can reconnect us with nature

We humans, in our drive and focus on ego, on individualization and modernization, have become, have allowed ourselves to become, separated from NATURE. Beyond that, we have forgotten that we ARE PART OF NATURE. We are part of this ecosystem on Earth. Our increasing feelings of depression, of malcontent, of being incomplete, of disconnect, arise from our disconnect from the natural world around us.

But the Earth, she goes on, always around us. Look if you can, for signs of Nature in your everyday environs. The weeds determinedly growing through cracks in the sidewalk on your commute. A crow flying to roost at sundown.

Breathe in, and out…

Take a moment to consider the coffee beans that brewed your daily cup of java, try if you can to imagine the trees on which they grew, the sunlight that ripened their pods. Allow yourself to whisper thanks as you take that sip, and let the warmth and fullness of that plant seep into your being. Know too, that coffee (Coffea arabica) is a medicinal plant, acting as a stimulant to get you going on your day. Acknowledge your surprise that in spite of yourself, you have been taking herbal medicine all this time.

Take a moment to breathe in the steam from your teacup, let it wash over your face. Feel the leaves of the tea bush, or the herbs, and their strength, their support.

The lotus blooms whether in mud or in riches. So do you!

In all these moments, breathe into the sliver of wholeness, of fullness, of knowing even for a fraction of a second, that you are connected to nature. And in that moment, as you allow yourself to reconnect, KNOW, FEEL, yourself as being part of the whole, part of Nature. And know that with every moment we allow ourselves to feel this connection, we not only begin to heal our selves, but also to heal the Earth.

For by removing ourselves, by artificially separating ourselves from the planet we live on, She becomes hurt as well. Know that the Earth is always here for you, for us. Choose to see her, in your busy lives, in your times of sadness, in your anger, in your euphoria. And know that you are home.


I am whole.

It is safe to be here.

I am loved.

I am accepted.


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