Creatures of Habit

Written June 2, 2018. Still just as valid today.

It occurs to me that it seems so much easier to maintain and practice bad habits than it is to practice good habits.

Why is that?

Let us Focus our energy and time on replacing those bad habits with good ones. The bad habits, such as smoking or drinking or wasting time on social media, are an easy and quick way for us to feel good and to ignore our problems for a while.

However, we know how good we feel when we practice good habits, such as exercise, good sleep, and adhering to a healthy diet.

(source unknown)
Many people find yoga to be a beneficial practice
The benefits of practicing these good habits far outweigh the Quick Fix of maintaining bad ones. We align with our soul, allowing Life Energy to flow freely through us. We connect with the divine, and can more easily align with our life purpose.
So as we go through each day, let us be aware of the choices we make. Choose the next right thing, and step by step, day by day, replace those bad habits with good habits. In this way, our life will become easier each day as we live freely on the path we were meant to take.
Develop healthy, fun habits

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