Bedtime Stories

Weave a Web of Sweet Dreams

There is always a solution.
There is always resilience.
There is always rebuilding.
There is always a new way.
There is always a fresh day.

Put your phone on silent.
Put it to bed, far, far away from your own bed.
Read a few pages of a good book.
Journal out what’s spinning in circles around your head.
Turn out the lights.
And go. to. sleep.

Everything will be better in the morning.

You have survived everything else in your life, what makes this any different? A collective struggle instead of a personal one?

That means it’s easier to reach out for help, for support, for love.

For now, go to sleep. The answers will come, and you will always be guided to take the next right step.

May you weave a web of sweet dreams tonight, my lovelies.

Written March 19, 2020


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