Screw the Practical

Getting the Third Eye Ready
Artist Unknown (please let me know if YOU know!)

Screw the practical.

I said this today after examining some limiting beliefs and where they came from (followed by forgiveness, of course).
All the people who kindly, wisely advised me to be practical, to make practical decisions, to wear practical clothes and practical shoes and make all the right, practical choices.
I forgive you. I am sorry I was in the position that you thought you needed to advise me (I may have even ASKED for your advice!). Thank you for being so kindhearted and caring, and patient, and real-world and practical.
I love you for every way you tried to help me while I was floundering, while I floated around aimlessly on the breeze like a dandelion puff.

<<Thank you to Amanda Frances for this process>>

May 20, 2020: Escaping to the treetops

The practical did help get me where I am today. These practical boots pictured helped keep my feet and legs dry and free of critters.

I understand that we live in a very real, physical world with tangible causes and effects.

But I also grew up in a magical forest, believing in fairies and rainbow unicorns in castles on the clouds, and believing in energy work (because I FEEL it in my body), believing in another realm (because I’ve SEEN it in meditation), and believing in the magic of grace and super impractical things.

Life gets to be all the things. I get to live in the real world AND believe in magic. And the beauty of it is, I get to select from a HUGE vast cosmic toolbox of practical AND magical, woo-woo tools and resources as I see fit. Because my love for science (have you ever looked through a telescope? A microscope? There are whole other worlds we can’t see with the naked eye!) and my love for magical, cosmic, hippie stuff is pretty equal. I do love me some practical stuff too, as it does help my physical body, and helps my brain accept life on life’s terms.

So I won’t ever SCRAP practical altogether, but I’m sure gonna embrace the wild a little bit more! 💫

For now I say, screw the practical. It's time for some magic in this world!

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