In This Breath, You Are Safe

We need your light.

I know I’ve written about this before. It’s okay. It’s still the truth.

The entire world is hurting. Not just our loud, spot-lit American cousins. Everybody. The Earth itself is hurting, and so are many of the people on it. Even people who look okay on the outside, still likely have a lot of hurt sealed up on the inside.

Many of us wear masks – metaphorically speaking. We don’t want to trouble anyone, so “I’m fine” becomes normal. Because if we open up a little, maybe we’ll crack. Maybe the floodgates will come crashing down and unleash an unstoppable torrent of emotions (you can see why, traditionally, the water element is associated with emotion). Maybe if you open up a little, you won’t be able to stop. Maybe you will lose what semblance of control you thought you had over yourself, your life, your image.

I invite you to breathe. Right now, take a deep breath. And let it go, just for this moment.

Take another breath, because after all, we need to breathe. Release.

Feel the oxygenated blood circulate to the far reaches of your body: refreshing your tired cells, your brain, your fingers, your toes.

Breathe in, a little deeper this time… and out, whoosh! A sigh of relief.

I invite you, if you can, if you feel inclined, to imagine healing light coming into your body as you breathe, and reaching every cell of your body. And with every exhale, pushing any tense, stale energy out through your lungs.

And continue to breathe.

And know that in this moment, in this breath, you are safe. Know that every conscious breath you take, is one that heals.

Shine your light. Shine your light on the messy darkness of the world. Light each other up. Help, encourage, support. Shine, shine on in every precious breath you take.

2020/6/2: Lotus rising from the mud

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