New Roads, New Lenses

Inspired by my frequent choice to have a getaway, a little trip, for my birthday. No parties, no dinners, no events. Just me, Dave, and a little adventure!

Overlooking a quiet mountain lake

Perhaps maturity is the coming back, the returning to self. As children we learn from those who came before us. We learn to see the world through their eyes, their lenses – and they, through the lenses of those who came before them.

Even Mosa found her own lens!

At what point do we seek our own truth, and look at the world with eyes of our own? When something doesn’t “sit right” perhaps? When a deep stirring, a whisper or a shout, and knowing tells you: look again? When something happens, or a word is spoken, that stops you in your tracks and flips your entire worldview upside-down? Or when the ones who taught you how to see, tell you it’s time to see for yourself?

Whatever that moment is for you, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time, it often marks the beginning of a new phase in your journey. Sometimes it’s a parting of the ways, but you are always guided. New faces will find you and reaffirm that you are indeed, right where you’re supposed to be. There will be guides, there will be wayshowers, there will be invitations to return to where you came from.

Which way will you choose to go? Follow the betel nut truck, or…?

There will also be glimpses here and there of the road ahead, enough to keep you going. It is always your choice to decide where to go, to decide what lenses to wear today.


But know that even though the road looks long and is unfamiliar to you, all you have to do is the next “right” thing. And only you know what’s right for you. Each next right step will get you there. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and when you’re tired, rest. Recharge. You can always, always ask for guidance.

Just remember to check in with yourself before you rush ahead: is this the right way for you?


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