A Written Meditation of Sorts

Take a deep breath, and on the exhale, see with your mind’s eye. Let yourself be transported here, as you open your eyes on this little island I call home. No, not tropical. This is an island in the Pacific Northwest, off the coast of Vancouver Island. Tall, ancient Douglas Fir trees tower above you, their boughs creaking softly in the wind.

A raven caws, and the heavy flap of its wings sends an audible whoosh through the air as it rises out of the forest.

You look ahead, and see that you are high above a valley. Farms neatly fill the land, like a patchwork quilt. Boats dot the harbour here and there, and vehicles wind their way like tiny toy cars through all of this scenery.

You wiggle your fingers and toes, and feel the soft earth of the forest floor beneath you. The moss on which you sit is thick, raised. Bringing your gaze closer, you see this raised moss forms a spiral, and that you are sitting right smack in the middle.

You know now… this is no ordinary place.

Opening your eyes here, breathing in the crisp, clean air of the fir trees mingling with the brine of the sea, this was no accident.

Everything in your life led you here, to this moment, to this sacred portal to another land. Your senses reassure you that it is, indeed, real.

This magical island and the high energy drew you here for a reason.

This is where your healing journey begins.

Are you ready?

This was written with a very specific, magical place in mind. When I was first introduced to it, I was told it was an energy portal to other places across the Earth. The veins of quartz crystal running through the island raise the energy, and attract a rather eclectic bunch! Who knows. Maybe it is a portal to another realm. Maybe it’s just a beautiful spot hidden in the forest. Either way, one thing’s for sure: there is something very special, and very magical, about it.


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