Summer, Solstice, Solar Eclipse

So I said I’d write a blog a day for Gemini season, and here we are! June 20, 2020 is the end of Gemini season, with tomorrow, the 21st, marking 夏至 summer solstice here in Taiwan. Strangely, Dragon Boat Festival isn’t until a few days later, but there we are. Or here summer is, or something. It is blazing hot already! Here, it’s typical that the worst of the heat holds off until after Dragon Boat Festival… but it seems this year has been an exception. Or else we’re in for a scorcher!

Maples in the sunshine, Salt Spring Island, BC

So at this point, you may be saying, “But Britt, why are you writing about the weather and seasons and astrology today? Why on earth did you write about Backstreet Boys yesterday??” And I would say, good freaking question! And here’s my answer to you: I write what comes through. What flies through my fingertips and onto the keyboard. Occasionally I’ll plan ahead what to write. I have a Google docs file full of ideas and prompts that I wrote up in a fit of inspiration a month ago. Sometimes I’ll refer to it and pull something from it. Other times I’ll write about something that seemingly comes out of nowhere (like memories from a Girl Guide camp 24 years ago). And still other times, more commonly perhaps, I’ll just ramble on like I’m chatting. Because I write in a similar way to how I talk.

I swear this does have something to do with my intro paragraph, though. You see, it’s been hot. Stinking hot. So hot that my water-fearing doggo has transformed into a water-seeking doggo for the first time in her three years of existence. This is also my first summer that I’m at home more, studying, writing, and generally just not working full-time. We live in a rooftop apartment. I need a solution! I was going to start working from cafes after Chinese New Year, but then the pandemic hit and public workspaces didn’t look so attractive after all… if they were even open! So I studied from home, which I find challenging, as there are so many distractions here. Ooh, dog. Ooh, chores. Ooh, books. Ooh, this, that, anything but focusing.

Now summer is taking it to a whole other level. My writing is better when I set aside time during the day, and really “get in the zone” instead of waiting til the last minute at the end of the day, when I’m still kinda hot, and I’m tired, and I’m writing because I feel a little bit obliged but also kinda want to and because I set a goal for myself. Even from that one rambly sentence, you can tell which state will have better results!

Sunrise paddle on Lake Kalamalka

I hope that this will be a good summer. I’m sad I’m not visiting Canada this summer, but I did go twice last year, and I’ll do my best to make the most of summer in Taiwan – not my first, but not the most enjoyable prospect, either. It’s days like today that help me think it’ll be alright, though. My dog is finally enjoying water and seeking it out when she never used to. The sun has been shining for an unusually long time. We have an early morning beach trip planned tomorrow, and will swim in the sea on the solstice before gazing indirectly at the solar eclipse in the afternoon.

I hope that you all have a wonderful, healthy summer too! Sending you happy doggy vibes from Taiwan, and all the brilliant energy of the sun and summer. Happy solstice!

My happy place. Mosa’s happy place, too.

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