On Self-Love, and the Dissipation of Fear and Separation

Let’s be real, I believe in deeply and talk a good talk about living honestly and following your dreams and doing what you’re best at and enjoy doing. But when it comes down to it, I’m freaking terrified. I’m so, so scared to share what I know, what I see in meditation, and some of the messages and “knowings” that come through me.

Because I feel this deep need to be proven, or to prove, to quantify, my knowledge. Things that I feel deep in my core, or that I see so vividly when I’m “across the veil” or whatever you call it, I can’t prove. I can’t hold up a bunch of numbers and formulas, statistics or research journals explaining to you the why’s and how’s of the information I receive in the spirit world. And that makes me nervous. More than nervous. Shut down, look the other way, slam the door, that can’t be the thing I’m meant to share it’s TOO scary (even though I preach to race your fears blah blah blah).

And what am I afraid of exactly? In this lifetime, no one will burn me at the stake. I was born into this world with freedom and privilege, and it’s important that I use it wisely, for a bigger purpose. Whatever that looks like, I don’t really know.

What I’m most passionate about is healing the Earth, respecting this living planet we call our home. I’m passionate about uniting people, and seeing from a new perspective. How we see the same thing through a different lens, and that doesn’t mean anyone is wrong. It’s an opportunity for learning and growth, not a reason for war. Since I was a kid, I’ve felt strongly about this. The “hippies” chaining themselves to old growth trees in Clayoquat Sound were my heroes. Using different names and methods to worship one god never meant anybody was wrong. These, to me, were always strong intrinsic truths. They still are.

So here’s something I really needed to write earlier today, after a guided whale and dolphin meditation. I’m going to work on not hiding or apologizing for my “hippieness”… it’s just a big ol’ part of my nature-loving, spirited, intuitive personality. Growing up on Salt Spring Island groomed me well for these moments.

June 21, 2020. Solar Eclipse in Taipei.

From this morning:

It means really cleaning up your side of the street first. It means leading by example. Deeply, thoroughly, cleaning up your act and living “in alignment” or in integrity, in every area of your life.

This is how we heal the planet. This is how we tend to wounds in our society. This way, we can offer guidance from a place of love and understanding. Because we’ve been there. We know how hard it is to shed societal expectations and untold times of trauma and emotional suppression.

By healing ourselves emotionally, we also help heal the collective. As each one “individual” processes and heals trauma, and thinks, speaks and acts from a new place, no longer from a reactive place of fear, we affect every single person that we meet. We extend our own love and healing towards them, instead of lashing back out with the hurt, fear and anger that they have come to expect.

Spread the healing. Spread awareness. Spread the love. But first, it all has to begin with self love. A willingness to change, no matter how uncomfortable. A willingness to see things differently, no matter how long you’ve seen things a certain way. You are not a tree, you are not rooted in place. You are allowed to change your perspective and opinion as you mature and heal. Of course, remember that even a tree gains a new perspective as it grows!

Start today. What’s one little thing you can do today to love yourself, to be kind to yourself? Drink more water perhaps? Look in the mirror, or at your hands, and say “I love you” to yourself three times.

Give it a try. Can’t hurt!


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