Why Island Britt?

Britt grew up on eclectic little Salt Spring Island, in western Canada. Her childhood was filled with meandering along deer paths in the woods, clambering around rocky shorelines, climbing tall trees, and being outside til dark. She moved across the Pacific in 2012, and has been living in Taipei, on the small island nation of Taiwan, ever since.

The name “Island Britt” came from that: Britt’s name is just Britt (not Brittany!); and her desire to share the nature vibes of the island she grew up on.

Britt holds a deep belief that no matter where we are, whether close to nature, in the suburbs, or smack in the middle of a big bustling city, we could all do with a little more connection. By becoming aware of the cycles of nature, noticing small wonders, and remembering just to breathe… all these things help us be connected to ourselves, each other, and the world and community around us.

Island Britt offers Reiki sessions to help with that connection: helping to remove and clear energetic blocks so that we can see clearly, feel lighter, and realize our connection.

Island Britt’s handmade gemstone jewelry is inspired by the earthy vibes of the little island Britt grew up on in western Canada. She handmakes each piece, filled with love and joy, to bring a touch of nature to you here in the big city… or wherever you may be!

New Year’s Day Morning Magic
Hehuanshan East Peak, Taiwan