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Pink Sunstone 日光石

Sunstone inspires joy and light in the wearer, heightening intuition and helping you nurture yourself. As the name implies, it connects us to the radiant, energizing sun energy, and is said to lift the mood even in the darkness of winter or grey days. On a metaphysical level, it lovingly removes hooks and negative attachments, making this an excellent stone to aid in energetic cord-cutting. Sunstone is associated with the Manipura Solar Plexus chakra, and pink sunstone also works with the Anahata Heart Chakra. This is an excellent stone for increasing feelings of self-worth, confidence, and optimism.

Necklace 項鍊 – Available now on Pinkoi!
Pink Sunstone 日光石 + Rudraksha Seeds 菩提子

Pink Sunstone 日光石 + Rudraksha Seeds 菩提子 $750nt

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$1000nt Geode Necklace 晶洞項鍊

Amazonite 天河石

Amazonite is a beautifully soothing stone, calming the mind and the nervous system alike. Dispelling negative energy and aggravation, Amazonite’s calming energy also helps the wearer to blend outside information with intuition. It heals the heart and throat chakras, so you may speak your truth with love. Thus, we may see multiple sides of a situation more clearly. This gentle blue stone is also said to protect against electromagnetic and cellphone radiation.


Kyanite 藍晶石

The blade-like shape of kyanite reflects its ability to slice through confusion, clearing through energetic blocks, illusion, frustration, and stress. Blue kyanite strengthens and heals the voice and throat, and is particularly good for the Throat Chakra. Kyanite is a self-cleansing stone, as it does not hold negativity.


Black Tourmaline 黑碧璽

Tourmaline is a grounding, protective stone, bringing balance and alignment into one’s life and ridding the wearer of victim mentality. It helps ground your spiritual energy into the physical, aligning “above and below, within and without.” Its most powerful attribute is dispersing tension, negativity, and stress. Black tourmaline is said to protect against cell phone and electromagnetic radiation; it is recommended that those spending a lot of time around electronics wear this stone. As it does work hard to dispel negativity, it is important to “cleanse” it often. See the Crystals page for tips!

[SOLD] Black Tourmaline Necklace

Black Tourmaline 黑碧璽