Island Britt: Healing Arts

Welcome! Here at Island Britt, I share what I know to aid in lighting up your soul.

No one and nothing else can heal you or make you a better human being. Every healing modality works to open the natural healing mechanisms in your body, to balance and move stressors or blocks that are preventing you from living life to the fullest. The key here is YOU. Anyone with chronic pain or illness knows there is no one magic cure or pill to swallow. Holistic health requires a holistic approach.

The most important part of healing is that YOU are doing it.

So where do I come in? I get to share some tools that work for me! Reiki, crystals, plant allies, and affirmations are all tools that can complement a holistic healing regimen.

Even if the words regimen or holistic make you roll your eyes, at least you can admit that maybe starting the day with a positive affirmation has got to be better than starting the day with a negative thought. So take a look, browse around, and give something new a try!

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