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While some say crystals are just pretty rocks, others believe they have metaphysical uses based on their vibration. Since the vibrations of a tiny chip of quartz keep time in watches, I’m inclined to believe in their uses! Explore below…

A variety of crystals, ready to be cleansed before use
Care and cleansing

Crystals work hard to take care of us, and we need to take care of them in return! Most crystals take on energy from their users and environment, so remember to cleanse new or gifted stones before use, or after you wear them. (All jewelry from Island Britt is already cleansed before sending out to you!)

Methods include smoke cleansing, passing (quickly!) through the a candle flame, leaving the crystal in the sun or moonlight for a few hours (caution: some stones, such as amethyst or rose quartz, will fade in the sun!), rinse or place in water or salt water (unless the stone is soft, like selenite), or leave in a dish of salt overnight (a good option for those soft stones!).

Quartz Sphere
Quartz crystaL 水晶

This harmonizing crystal brings the body back into balance. It amplifies energies, raising them to the highest vibe possible.
Because of its tendency to amplify the energy of whatever is around, it’s a good idea to cleanse quartz regularly. Whether under running water or with a smoke cleanse, remember – intention is key!

MoonstonE 月光石

LabradoritE 拉長石

CitrinE 黃水晶

Amethyst Double-Terminated Point
AmethysT 紫水晶

Amethyst is a powerful, protective, stabilizing stone, excellent for “beginners” to the crystal world. It transmutes bad vibes into love, supporting you in coming to terms with loss. It is said to bring serenity and focus, calming a scattered and overactive mind. For this reason, it is also used beside the bed as a sleep aid. In folklore, amethyst is also used to curb cravings and support sobriety.

Rose QuartZ 粉水晶

This stone of unconditional love opens the heart at all levels, attracts love, and helps you accept that you ARE lovable. It brings deep inner healing and self-love, self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, self-trust, and self-worth. Rose quartz is calming and reassuring; a great emotional healer, this stone is excellent for use in trauma or crisis (including mid-life crisis!). Rose quartz aids in the acceptance of necessary change, soothing grief, deprivation, and internalized pain. It restores trust and harmony, gently replacing negative energy with loving vibes. Promoting receptivity to all kinds of beauty, rose quartz is an excellent tool to enhance the use of positive affirmations!

Tiger’s EyE 虎眼石

SelenitE 透石膏

An assortment of crystals