No One Can Make You Healthy

A little bit about summer heat, emotions, and different approaches to feeling better.

Summer, Solstice, Solar Eclipse

So I said I’d write a blog a day for Gemini season, and here we are! June 20, 2020 is the end of Gemini season, with tomorrow, the 21st, marking 夏至 summer solstice here in Taiwan. Strangely, Dragon Boat Festival isn’t until a few days later, but there we are. Or here summer is, or…

Be Your Own Cheerleader

That’s all it takes. One moment, one decision.
Rewrite your internal dialogue. Catch yourself. And choose again.
Be vocal about the things you love.
Express gratitude. Express joy.
Share the love.
Be a cheerleader.
And be your own cheerleader, too.