How is this any different than what I have been asking for, every single day, for months on end?
I feel frustrated and impatient. It dawned on me that impatience is a lack of willingness to wait on the Universe/ God/ whatever to provide. If I am not willing to wait, then I’m not living in faith. I’m not leaning deeply into that trust which has so consistently provided for me over the years.

Summer, Solstice, Solar Eclipse

So I said I’d write a blog a day for Gemini season, and here we are! June 20, 2020 is the end of Gemini season, with tomorrow, the 21st, marking 夏至 summer solstice here in Taiwan. Strangely, Dragon Boat Festival isn’t until a few days later, but there we are. Or here summer is, or…

Define Success.

Success is something I never thought I cared for. I didn’t ever feel particularly motivated by money, or to “climb the ladder” or to “join in the rat race.” Perhaps it was growing up on a hippie island, or having 90’s media examples of so-called successful people looking so miserable, or a combination of both….


Take a deep breath, and on the exhale, see with your mind’s eye. Let yourself be transported here, as you open your eyes on this little island I call home. No, not tropical. This is an island in the Pacific Northwest, off the coast of Vancouver Island. Tall, ancient Douglas Fir trees tower above you, their boughs creaking softly in the wind.

Grateful Getaway

A weekend away. Breathing. Another trip around the sun. Rain. Bamboo. So, so much bamboo. Shelter. Rivers. Waterfalls. A monkey in the morning. Fresh air. Escape. Freedom. So, so much green. Sinking into the forest… And then, Bam. Back to the city. Goodbye clean air. Hello air pollution Light pollution Noise pollution. Grateful for the…

Freedom + Mountains

Freedom, to me, looks like:Taking the dog up the mountain on a clear morning, when I can see the top of the hills from the city below.It looks like, going with minimal planning and knowing everything will work out. I keep my old car for the freedom it gives me, to escape the city and…


In case you haven’t seen pictures of me yet, I’ll just throw this out there: I’m a white woman. I grew up without many privileges. I grew up poor. We didn’t have a lot of food, and I certainly didn’t get all the cool toys or clothes or snacks. We had three channels on TV…

How Do I Know I’m on Track?

Feel the joy, and invite others to join you in looking for the next sign. How do YOU know you’re on the right track? We speak to you in signs, in knowings. In numbers, patterns, beams of light, dragonflies, butterflies, ladybugs, birds, lizards, a deer lifting her head to gaze at you in a moment of stillness.

Bedtime Stories

There is always a solution.There is always resilience.There is always rebuilding.There is always a new way.There is always a fresh day. Put your phone on silent.Put it to bed, far, far away from your own bed.Read a few pages of a good book.Journal out what’s spinning in circles around your head.Turn out the lights.And go….


Who are you to think, that after all you’ve been through, that you won’t make it this time? You’ve gone through so much in life already, of course, this is just the next thing. It’s no bigger, no smaller, but you ARE stronger, and wiser, and more experienced, and you know you will of course come out the other side. There is no other choice.
I am the calm amidst the storm. Serenity is the calm amidst the chaos. I walk now, the storm raging around me, trees falling, waves from the sea lashing against the shore, storm clouds gathering. And I walk, holding the light, anchoring it for all to see.