How is this any different than what I have been asking for, every single day, for months on end?
I feel frustrated and impatient. It dawned on me that impatience is a lack of willingness to wait on the Universe/ God/ whatever to provide. If I am not willing to wait, then I’m not living in faith. I’m not leaning deeply into that trust which has so consistently provided for me over the years.

Something About Crystals

“Hey, random question. Do you use crystals, or know anything about crystals?” One of my very best friends asked me this question this afternoon, just as I happened to be returning home from a crystal-shopping mission across town. We’ve known each other for the better part of thirty years, and know A LOT about each…

Ocean Spirit

A little poem to the Ocean Spirit, written on Dragon Boat Festival, June 25, 2020, in Longdong Bay, Taiwan.

What Would You Do, If You Could Do Anything?

When I ask people what their hobbies are, sometimes… they have no answers. “Uhh, sleep, I guess.” But you know that’s not the answer. Deep down, you know. So I ask again: If you had ALL the time and ALL the money in the world, and didn’t have to worry about your job, where would…


Take a deep breath, and on the exhale, see with your mind’s eye. Let yourself be transported here, as you open your eyes on this little island I call home. No, not tropical. This is an island in the Pacific Northwest, off the coast of Vancouver Island. Tall, ancient Douglas Fir trees tower above you, their boughs creaking softly in the wind.

Let Your Creativity Shine

How do you let your creativity shine? Do you play with plants in your spare time? Doodle? Cook, or bake? Find time to let yourself shine!

Healing is Messy

Have you ever been in the middle of cleaning your house – and I mean, really cleaning – and then stopped to take a look around? It’s a disaster, isn’t it? Maybe you’re mid-move, maybe you’re packing up winter clothes and blankets for storage, maybe you’re rooting through drawers and closets, sorting out what items…


In case you haven’t seen pictures of me yet, I’ll just throw this out there: I’m a white woman. I grew up without many privileges. I grew up poor. We didn’t have a lot of food, and I certainly didn’t get all the cool toys or clothes or snacks. We had three channels on TV…

Screw the Practical

Screw the practical. I said this today after examining some limiting beliefs and where they came from (followed by forgiveness, of course).All the people who kindly, wisely advised me to be practical, to make practical decisions, to wear practical clothes and practical shoes and make all the right, practical choices.I forgive you. I am sorry…

Healing Autoimmune Disease: A Practical and Spiritual Approach

Not here to claim any cures. I am here to share my story, what works for me, and how a holistic approach has proven more helpful than solely spiritual or solely allopathic approach. We are more than just our bodies, and more than just our spirits. We are humans, and I personally believe that getting…