Take the Step

Even if it Doesn’t Make Sense This morning, I’m writing to you from my childhood home on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada. One week ago, I was on a plane from Taipei, and it was barely a week before that when the idea to be here was planted in my mind. But this isn’t just…


How is this any different than what I have been asking for, every single day, for months on end?
I feel frustrated and impatient. It dawned on me that impatience is a lack of willingness to wait on the Universe/ God/ whatever to provide. If I am not willing to wait, then I’m not living in faith. I’m not leaning deeply into that trust which has so consistently provided for me over the years.

On Faith:

God across languages and culture I remember clearly, as a small kid, asking my mom about why there were wars, and she explained that they were fighting about their gods. It was so, so bizarre to me, and still is to this day. If you truly believe in One God, how can you possibly fight…