My Job is to Keep the Vibes High

Full circle thyroid health!

I got emotional today.
It reminded me of 2012, sitting at the doctor’s office on Salt Spring Island, completely caught off guard by the news that I had yet another autoimmune disease.

I had gone in for a test because I thought maybe I had low iron. Luckily, the lab nurse decided to test my thyroid levels based on my symptoms, even though I had no idea what a thyroid was.

So, spring 2012, I was reeling and teared up in the doctor’s office.

The new face of thyroid health!

Today, in spring 2020, my eyes watered again – pretty obvious, being the only exposed part of my face. I quickly blinked back tears… this time, of joy!

All the mindset work, all the hope, all the confident expectation, manifesting tools, feeling the feeling of already being healthy, all of it works, you guys!

Today, after several months of stable thyroid levels, my doctor discussed my stress levels and agreed to give me only four more weeks of anti-thyroid medicine, after which I would finally be free again (and get tested later to make sure things are still top-notch).

Now my job is to keep the vibes high (while also living a very human life), to love and nourish my body, and to continue researching ways to overcome chronic illness (chronic = long-term, btw. Not terminal. Not lifelong. Just a long duration). And always, always, combining the practical steps and the spiritual steps together for real-world results.

PS, let me give you a heads up, dear readers: if you thought affirmations were spiritual and “out-there,” just you WAIT til I get the courage to write about angel work (say what??!), as wayyy out there as it sounds. And is.

Do you have any success stories today? I’d love to hear any hope you have! Let me know in the comments ❤️


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