No One Can Make You Healthy

A little bit about summer heat, emotions, and different approaches to feeling better.

Something About Crystals

“Hey, random question. Do you use crystals, or know anything about crystals?” One of my very best friends asked me this question this afternoon, just as I happened to be returning home from a crystal-shopping mission across town. We’ve known each other for the better part of thirty years, and know A LOT about each…

What if Work Gets to be Easy?

What if work gets to be easy?What if we have this whole entire concept of work totally and utterly backwards? Why do we believe that work has to be something to push for, a time for struggle and hardness to bear through, just to get by, to make a living? What if work gets to…

Ocean Spirit

A little poem to the Ocean Spirit, written on Dragon Boat Festival, June 25, 2020, in Longdong Bay, Taiwan.

Summer, Solstice, Solar Eclipse

So I said I’d write a blog a day for Gemini season, and here we are! June 20, 2020 is the end of Gemini season, with tomorrow, the 21st, marking 夏至 summer solstice here in Taiwan. Strangely, Dragon Boat Festival isn’t until a few days later, but there we are. Or here summer is, or…

From Karaoke to Conferences

From Karaoke to Conferences
When I was 11 years old, I sang a Backstreet Boys song in front of 1000 people. This in itself is remarkable; unfortunately, the DJ played it for the previous group by mistake! I had two choices: shrink, or sing. And I chose…

What Would You Do, If You Could Do Anything?

When I ask people what their hobbies are, sometimes… they have no answers. “Uhh, sleep, I guess.” But you know that’s not the answer. Deep down, you know. So I ask again: If you had ALL the time and ALL the money in the world, and didn’t have to worry about your job, where would…

Globalization, Research, and Shopping Local

There’s something to be said for cultural adaption. Moving to a foreign country, we miss some creature comforts, like the same brands of food, or even pens! Most things are easy enough to get in this globalized world we live in now, though. Taiwan in particular has a much larger variety of international foods than…

Define Success.

Success is something I never thought I cared for. I didn’t ever feel particularly motivated by money, or to “climb the ladder” or to “join in the rat race.” Perhaps it was growing up on a hippie island, or having 90’s media examples of so-called successful people looking so miserable, or a combination of both….

In Absentia

Do you ever notice something, only when it’s gone? That happened for me, in the presence (or absence, really) of chronic pain.