It’s Time for Self-Care

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. A lot. Big things, things that won’t just go away no matter how much we try to just look the other way, bury our heads in the sand, and ignore them. These things will keep on happening, and it’s up to us to step up…


Take a deep breath, and on the exhale, see with your mind’s eye. Let yourself be transported here, as you open your eyes on this little island I call home. No, not tropical. This is an island in the Pacific Northwest, off the coast of Vancouver Island. Tall, ancient Douglas Fir trees tower above you, their boughs creaking softly in the wind.

Divine Logic?

This Gemini season, I have committed to sharing more of my views and stories. A little something every day. Today’s story comes from my “dark night of the soul,” not that I had heard of such a thing at the time. It’s certainly not something anyone should desire or aspire to, to n my opinion….

Let Your Creativity Shine

How do you let your creativity shine? Do you play with plants in your spare time? Doodle? Cook, or bake? Find time to let yourself shine!

Freedom + Mountains

Freedom, to me, looks like:Taking the dog up the mountain on a clear morning, when I can see the top of the hills from the city below.It looks like, going with minimal planning and knowing everything will work out. I keep my old car for the freedom it gives me, to escape the city and…

Healing is Messy

Have you ever been in the middle of cleaning your house – and I mean, really cleaning – and then stopped to take a look around? It’s a disaster, isn’t it? Maybe you’re mid-move, maybe you’re packing up winter clothes and blankets for storage, maybe you’re rooting through drawers and closets, sorting out what items…

Creative Solutions:

When Community Comes Together Written May 13, 2020 (Updated and published May 30) This morning, I received an email which effectively thwarted my carefully laid plans. An order from a merchant who may not still be offering this weekly service when I want it, successfully placed and paid for. Check! Recipient, arranged. And now, it…

Screw the Practical

Screw the practical. I said this today after examining some limiting beliefs and where they came from (followed by forgiveness, of course).All the people who kindly, wisely advised me to be practical, to make practical decisions, to wear practical clothes and practical shoes and make all the right, practical choices.I forgive you. I am sorry…

Learn to Listen

Our bodies carry our wisdom, our knowledge, our certainty.
Our bodies communicate to us constantly all day, every day.

On Faith:

God across languages and culture I remember clearly, as a small kid, asking my mom about why there were wars, and she explained that they were fighting about their gods. It was so, so bizarre to me, and still is to this day. If you truly believe in One God, how can you possibly fight…