I Wasn’t Always Love & Light…

The other day I had something of a breakthrough. Perhaps you can relate. You see, I had a superficial, surface vision of how I need to →help the people←and by people, I mean you. But the details weren’t there. The depth wasn’t there. I needed to break through the icy crust of winter to the flowing river underneath.

Or like a tadpole, learning to breathe

I’ve finally realized, in an absurdly obvious manner, how to help you. What exactly of my experience can also help you, to get out of the dark gloomy pit you’ve found yourself stuck in. The single biggest achievement of my life, which I have cleverly been sweeping under the rug, and why? So you can think that my life has always been this good? That I have always been, ahem, stable and calm and chill? (Wait, do you even think I am those things?)

Well anyway, I wasn’t. While I tell myself I’m not “qualified” to commiserate with you about depression or anxiety because I was never diagnosed with those things, nor seriously attempted suicide, I did almost get kicked out of a recovery house in early sobriety. That’s one example of how unstable I was, and perhaps shows you how far I’ve come since 2007. And I feel very strongly that I have a responsibility to each and every one of you who is also wallowing around in the murky darkness (note: if you’re about to get kicked out of a recovery house, please seek out a professional counselor asap!).

Over the years, and even before getting sober in 2006, I have explored and… accumulated? a WIDE variety of tools, tips and techniques that are easy to incorporate in our daily lives. What’s the use of me hoarding it all? To have, we must give to receive. This is part of being in the flow of life. Yes, even if you believe you have nothing to give. I’ve been there, and I promise you, there is always SOMETHING you can give of yourself. Even a penny to a beggar while you’re counting your own.

Every little prayer and ribbon of hope, helps

So. How to see the light when your feet are stuck in the mud of a deep, dark pit? How to put the brakes on the rapid downward spiral [screeeech] and begin to climb up? How to get healthy, get rid of that clenching knot of anxiety, or clear that hazy fog hanging over your head, when you barely have energy to get out of bed or put food to hand, to mouth, chew, swallow, repeat? Let alone something nutritious?

Well, here’s something we can ALL do, it’s free, it’s easy, it’s accessible to all, in this instant: take a deep breath in… and out, whoosh. Repeat. Count to three, or four, or five, as you breathe in, hold, and out. I’ve added a new affirmations page on the site here as well, take a look!

What form would snippets of light be the most helpful?

  • Affirmations
  • Phone wallpapers
  • Monthly calendars
  • Video trainings
  • Private coaching calls
  • Group coaching workshops

Let me know what you think would be the most helpful!

Xoxo, Britt


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