Freedom + Mountains

Freedom, to me, looks like:
Taking the dog up the mountain on a clear morning, when I can see the top of the hills from the city below.
It looks like, going with minimal planning and knowing everything will work out.

Living Life/ June 5, 2020

I keep my old car for the freedom it gives me, to escape the city and its frenetic energy.
Freedom, for me, is going up the mountain and finding quiet trails with not another soul in sight: just me, my dog, and our backpacks. Finding that moment of quiet and clarity, where I can take in the breeze and the tall grass, the tiny flowers and the soft white clouds, without any pressing “shoulds” or “have-to’s.” Letting it drop away.

Take a minute today to get centered. Find a moment of freedom, of peace, in the shower. In your breath. In washing the dishes or chopping vegetables. Be here. Be now. Be with the air around you.

There’s a full moon tonight, a lunar eclipse. Our crystals are out, soaking up the energy of manifesting, completion, fullness, soft lunar energy. We’re heading south to some bigger mountains tomorrow. Enjoying our freedom of movement, in a country seldom recognized as one. Freedom because we sacrificed the small things: we wore face masks and accepted temperature screenings. Now we are free.

To the mountains we go! ⛰️

A view of Seven Star Mountain, in Yangmingshan National Park
June 5, 2020

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